20 November 2007

My Stamping Space

I enjoy looking at everyone else's stamping spaces, so I thought I'd finally share mine. I used to have the whole basement to myself and, while it sounds ideal, it was a nightmare in retrospect. If any object could live on a horizontal surface, it did. Stacks of stuff I never put away. And I ended up stamping on the floor a lot. Or the surface of my guillotine cutter, because it was the only free space on a 6-foot table. It was ridiculous.

I am a stamping slob.

Last year we finished off half of the basement for my husband's home office, and built into that room a VERY large closet for me. One that would force me to clean up after every project, basically, with a folding table I put out and fold up after each stamping session. Sounds awful? It works perfectly for me. The doors are purchased but not hung yet, so it's an open closet at this point.

Here's a full frontal view.
The permanent table is not where I stamp, but where my trimmers & cardstock live. At the back left are 2 hanging file crates with cardstock. Underneath the table are rolling drawer carts (2 deep, there's one behind them) where my stamps, gift supplies (raw materials like empty jars, blank candles, composition notebooks, etc), and current projects live. See the ATG gun peeking out from on top of one of them? LOVE that thing!

At the back wall are my DZyntec (sp?) ink/marker/dauber holders. I have 5 of them, one for each SU color group. I have all inks and markers, but still working on reinkers/daubers/sponges for each color. They don't make these holders anymore, but when they were going out of business the enablers at SCS whipped us all into an ordering frenzy. I do love them, though. Under the ink holders are my beloved Tilt Bins (more detailed pics of those in a minute).

Okay, now here you're looking to the right of my Center Stage, with tons of those stacking drawers and my New And Improved punch holders (details on that below). The drawers hold loose, small stamps, scissors, pieces of stamped art I need to complete, adhesives, eyelets/brads, tools (bone folder, mat pack, brayer, eyelet setters), applicators (aquapainters, sponges, blender pens), and my wheels/cartridges. Let me just give a big shout-out right here to the Wondrous thing called the Label Maker: one of those things I thought was frivolous and now cannot AT ALL live without.

To the left of Center Stage, you see my folding table that I actually stamp on (leaning against the door frame), shelves on the wall hold ribbon scraps (in jars), xyrons, pearlex spray, CE, color wheel, and -on 2nd shelf- my embossing powders and glitter in gladware. LOVE this idea, as the powder pal trays and I did not get along.  I keep each color housed in its own container (nicely LABELED, of course) with its own plastic spoon. Pull out what I need, spoon the EP on the project over the container, and there's NO cleanup.

Here are the beloved Tilt Bins that I saw in another SU demo's stamping room at an NC SU demos quarterly meeting years ago in Greensboro, I think it was. The larger ones house both completed cards (LABELED by occasion) and larger scraps (LABELED by color family). The wee bins on top house smaller scraps by color family. Let me assure you, I ran RIGHT OUT after that meeting to the nearest Home Depot to find them. Actually found the small bins there, but had to order the larger ones online.

To the left of the Tilt Bins are my stacked SU ribbon holders. I really like them for what I need right now. Had I a zillion dollars, I would have bought the Craft Locker ribbon storage, but it works for me (I do have the Craft Locker Wheel and Handle locker on order, though!)

Here's my SupaCool punch 'rack'. I bought pre-cut dowel rods in an assortment pack at Walmart, came home and grabbed my husband's bullet level, and coffee mug hooks. In about 20 minutes, I hung these up, and wahoo! - punches all in a row. I LOVE it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great! I love that you are a stamping slob, too - I have that exact problem, but I am not giving up my basement yet! Thanks for all the great ideas - I really need something for punches, and I have those tilt bins SOMEWHERE, I know it!

Thanks again for sharing!

7:51 AM, November 21, 2007  
Blogger 15minL8 said...

I love your scrap room. You could store your ribbon vertically with Ribbon Rings... I got mine at ribbonring.com and I hang them on little coat hooks on the wall. I have one for every color and they don't take up any space! I think they are the best for ribbon storage.

10:12 AM, November 21, 2007  
Blogger Leslie Knox said...

Love your little space! I also had a larger space before and never had room to stamp either!! If there was space I filled it with a pile of something. Now I am in a smaller space which does force me to be neater and put things away!!
Thanks for the punch holder idea and those tilt bins are now on my list too!

8:00 AM, November 23, 2007  

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